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"The Democratic and Republican parties don't 'own' your vote, you do.
If you think independent, vote independent."
~ Evan Falchuk, United Independent Party Candidate for Governor of Massachusetts

Evan Falchuk: Innovative Ideas, Pragmatic Answers.
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United Independent Party

Five State Reforms to Create Jobs and Put Money Back in Taxpayers’ Pockets 

Tackling the skyrocketing cost of living in Massachusetts is the most urgent problem we face.  A key cause: our broken housing market.  For years, supply has failed to meet demand, resulting in significant cost increases that freeze many people out of the market – and sometimes out of the Commonwealth – and squeeze so many others who spend far too much of their hard-earned pay on rent or a mortgage.  

This has been known for many years, but will only be achieved through a true partnership between the state and our cities and towns. Current state policy does not give housing advocates the tools they need to enact local policies to produce more housing. By taking the concrete steps we’re calling for, we have a huge opportunity to realize the economic potential of so many cities and towns – and help taxpayers keep more of their hard-earned pay in the process.

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