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"The Democratic and Republican parties don't 'own' your vote, you do.
If you think independent, vote independent."
~ Evan Falchuk, United Independent Party Candidate for Governor of Massachusetts

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United Independent Party

Why Joining Matters

By Evan Falchuk

Getting people involved in the United Independent Party is all about answering one question:  what's in it for you to join?



10 Questions Still Unanswered by Boston 2024 Officials

Boston 2024 officials seemed to be glossing over the more difficult issues hosting the Olympics most definitely will entail. Raising critical questions about the billions the Games would cost, as well as security and traffic concerns, doesn’t make anyone a ‘naysayer.' It makes us taxpaying, thinking adults who see the value of putting things like our seniors, veterans and kids in school above something like hosting the Olympics. After having attended Boston 2024's first January 21 community meeting, here are just 10 of the central questions that, bizarrely, are still left unanswered.


Genuine Priorities

If you were asked, “What do you think our state needs most?” it’s pretty doubtful you would answer, “to host the Olympics.”

No, we don’t need new, taxpayer-backed stadiums. What we do need is more housing; better school funding; less expensive healthcare; more job opportunities and job training; greater commitment to veterans’ services and seniors’ programs; and a much stronger business climate. And we need these things all across the state – not just in the Greater Boston area.  


Why I Ran

Here’s the conventional wisdom on American politics:  Americans are deeply divided, angry at government, but split over what it should do.  They aren’t sure who to blame, but think it’s one party or the other in Congress, or the President, or the Governor.

There’s some truth to this, but I don’t think it’s the right diagnosis. 


Three Things Voters Are Right to be Worried About

Politicians and big, monied interests are picking the pockets of countless Massachusetts families – and getting away with it.

While Super PACs pour millions into this election, and while Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Charlie Baker are busy chatting during debates about Halloween costumes and who should play them in a movie, neither candidate has come out with anything even resembling a concrete plan to stop the relentless assault on the economic security of Massachusetts families.


Evan Falchuk, United Independent Party Candidate for Governor, Releases Next Statewide TV Ad, “Are You Inspired?”

Boston – United Independent Party candidate for Governor of Massachusetts Evan Falchuk will launch another television ad to air on all major network affiliates in Boston and Springfield, as well as Charter TV3 in Worcester, beginning October 17. Falchuk’s new “Are you inspired?” TV ad calls out the lack of enthusiasm so many voters say they feel about both the Baker and Coakley major-party campaigns.


Health Care Priorities

A reporter recently asked the candidates for governor to share their health care priorities in a paragraph. Here's my thinking: 

We must cut the cost of health care in Massachusetts by stopping the monopolistic consolidation of hospitals into market-distorting systems like Partners. We also must replace our outdated fee-for-service model with an equitable, all-payer fee schedule that will incentivize hospitals to keep people well, rather than waiting to treat them when they are sick. 


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