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"The Democratic and Republican parties don't 'own' your vote, you do.
If you think independent, vote independent."
~ Evan Falchuk, United Independent Party Candidate for Governor of Massachusetts

Evan Falchuk: Innovative Ideas, Pragmatic Answers.
It's about time. Join Us!


United Independent Party

What Do You Want the T to Be?

The United Independent Party is here to make sure every voter understands what's going on, to help empower you to make informed decisions about our shared future.

This is an especially important when it comes to politically charged topics, like what's actually wrong at the MBTA, and what do we do about it?


Faith and facts

In the wake of vile ISIS attacks, American leaders are scrambling for either the toughest, or most heartfelt-sounding response. It's a familiar routine, so much so that it often sounds like indistinguishable noise, rather than something that speaks to the anxiety so many feel.


5 Things Most People Don't Know About IndyCar

The Boston Grand Prix is making headlines - with an ultimatum from Mayor Walsh, state agencies scrambling to catch up and concerned residents wondering what’s going on. So what’s the real story behind the Boston Grand Prix?


Fourteen Years Later

After 14 years the memories are a little less clear, the emotions a little less raw.

Still, every time I see a plane fly over Boston I'm reminded of that day in September, and how everything changed.

Still, every time I see a firefighter or police officer I'm reminded of that day and how so many of them rushed into danger, and their courage and their sacrifice.


Voters will Legalize Marijuana in 2016

One of the big stories in 2016 is going to be a likely ballot question to legalize recreational marijuana use for adults. Polling suggests this question would pass - as did decriminalization in 2008 (63% in favor) and medical marijuana in 2012 (65% in favor). Elected officials don't feel the same way.


Bill to Strengthen Oversight of Hospital Market

Healthcare is so expensive because the market has become badly distorted by big hospital systems, who have relentlessly gobbled up providers and used market clout to raise prices.  In recent weeks a bill was filed in the legislature to give the Health Policy Commission - the agency that oversees the way the hospital market works - more authority.  Independent, expert oversight like this will continue to expose the way these big hospital systems profiteer at the expense of families and businesses. I hope this bill, or something like it, moves forward. - Evan Falchuk


Everyday Leadership

This Spring, I had the honor of teaching a class called "Leadership" at Emerson College.  We are often taught to think of leaders as people with titles, when in reality leadership is about what you do, and who you are as a person.  I believe there are leaders all around us - people who, in big ways and small, do things that change other people's lives for the better.


Meet the new boss...

* (Bonus 4th thing to know below)

We focus on the Olympics because it's the poster child for the failed political system that motivated us to create the United Independent Party.

The isn't enough transparency and honest conversation in politics. Our system is failing us, as it works on priorities no one really asked about, and which benefit the shrinking number of people who see it in their interest to play the political game.

The news this weekend is that Boston 2024 is going to have (another) management shakeup.  Here are 3 things you need to know about it:


What Boston 2024 handed over in that private meeting

There was a private meeting between Boston 2024 and the Governor and members of his cabinet on March 27.  This was one of 4 private meetings between Boston 2024 and the most senior officials in the Commonwealth, but was the only one subject to a Public Records Request.

We requested any and all documents related to that meeting from the Governor and all other members of the Cabinet.  We've gotten back some of the responses, and are posting them here as they come in.

Most of what we have received are versions of things we have seen elsewhere.  

One interesting finding was on page 13 of this powerpoint document.  


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