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"The Democratic and Republican parties don't 'own' your vote, you do.
If you think independent, vote independent."
~ Evan Falchuk, United Independent Party Candidate for Governor of Massachusetts

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United Independent Party

6 Things MA Legislators Probably Learned in Colorado

Voters in four states have legalized marijuana for adults - and Massachusetts may be next. With a ballot question almost certainly on the way in November, members of our State Senate went to Colorado to learn about that state’s experience with marijuana. Why Colorado? Well, Coloradans have the most experience with the challenges and opportunities presented by legalization of marijuana for adults.

While the visiting lawmakers haven’t reported on what they learned, here are six takeaways from Colorado. They’re all important to think about as you start to make up your mind on how you will vote this coming November.


The Power of Your Vote in Local Elections


Too often millennials subscribe to the popular misconception that their votes do not have an impact, and have a lower perceived value of civic engagement. As we move into an election year, not only nationally, but on a state level as well, we thought it was important to highlight the under-representation of millennials in the voting process, as well as provide case studies for when just a few hundred millennial voters would have made a meaningful difference in local elections right here in Massachusetts.


8 Women to Watch in the Massachusetts State Legislature



Women are underrepresented in American government - our country is 98th in the world in the percentage of women in Congress. It’s a similar story here in Massachusetts- while over 20,000 men have served in the Massachusetts legislature, only 192 women have been elected.

There is good news, though!

More than a quarter of the women who have ever served in our legislature are serving today. With 50 women in office, Massachusetts is ahead of the national average, and women legislators are playing important roles in building policy in our state. It’s a good time to profile eight of these leaders - Democrats and Republicans - who are part of the Massachusetts Women’s Caucus.


The New Majority: Unopposed Candidates


Who do you think better represents voters? A candidate who runs for office against tough opponents every year, or one who gets re-elected year after year without any opponent? If you think it’s better for candidates to compete to earn your vote, we’ve got some bad news: in Massachusetts state government, most of our representatives never have to do that.


Don't let them rewrite history

By Evan Falchuk

I wasn't going to say anything about this, but for the second time in the last couple of weeks, the Boston Globe is peddling a strange alt-history version of what happened with the Olympics.

In their version, the Olympics saga was a wonderful exercise in civic engagement, in which well-meaning business and political leaders tried to drag parochial Boston into conversations where it could be mentioned "in the same breath with Paris and Rome.

In this alternative universe, the "collective hand-wringing" of voters wrecked this opportunity, driven by a public that was "unwilling to spend big. . . . even if it meant spurning the promise of big long-term benefits.

This isn't what happened, at all.


What Do You Want the T to Be?

The United Independent Party is here to make sure every voter understands what's going on, to help empower you to make informed decisions about our shared future.

This is an especially important when it comes to politically charged topics, like what's actually wrong at the MBTA, and what do we do about it?


Faith and facts

In the wake of vile ISIS attacks, American leaders are scrambling for either the toughest, or most heartfelt-sounding response. It's a familiar routine, so much so that it often sounds like indistinguishable noise, rather than something that speaks to the anxiety so many feel.


5 Things Most People Don't Know About IndyCar

The Boston Grand Prix is making headlines - with an ultimatum from Mayor Walsh, state agencies scrambling to catch up and concerned residents wondering what’s going on. So what’s the real story behind the Boston Grand Prix?


Fourteen Years Later

After 14 years the memories are a little less clear, the emotions a little less raw.

Still, every time I see a plane fly over Boston I'm reminded of that day in September, and how everything changed.

Still, every time I see a firefighter or police officer I'm reminded of that day and how so many of them rushed into danger, and their courage and their sacrifice.


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