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"The Democratic and Republican parties don't 'own' your vote, you do.
If you think independent, vote independent."
~ Evan Falchuk, United Independent Party Candidate for Governor of Massachusetts

Evan Falchuk: Innovative Ideas, Pragmatic Answers.
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United Independent Party

Evan Falchuk, 45, is the founder of the new United Independent Party in Massachusetts. As a candidate in the November 2014 Massachusetts gubernatorial election, Falchuk surpassed the three percent threshold required by state law for the United Independent Party to earn official party status in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Evan presenting at Suffolk Law School's 2014 Gubernatorial
Candidate Roundtable

This milestone means the United Independent Party – dedicated to a greater diversity of modern, progressive ideas combined with fiscally sane solutions – is taking its place alongside the Democratic and Republican parties in Massachusetts, and will have equal election and fundraising laws and requirements. It is actively cultivating a slate of United Independent Party candidates to run in the Commonwealth’s 2016 election.

A successful entrepreneur, having served for 14 years on the executive leadership team of Boston-based global health care company Best Doctors, Inc., Falchuk played a lead role in helping grow the company from nine employees to over 600. The company was named to Inc. magazine’s list of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America in 2013, 2012 and 2011.

The United Independent Party, created by Falchuk and supporters from throughout Massachusetts, is dedicated to the core principles that everyone is equal, everyone’s civil rights must be protected – and government must spend taxpayer dollars wisely. Neither the Democratic nor Republican party represent that pragmatic combination, yet it is where the majority of voters in Massachusetts actually are, Falchuk notes.

To maintain party status in Massachusetts, at least one percent of Massachusetts voters must be enrolled with the United Independent Party in time for the 2016 elections – an achievement already underway and one which the party will far exceed.

A Massachusetts native, Falchuk lives with his wife, Felicia, and their three children in Auburndale, Mass.